About us


ProfileAs a die-hard fan of the first hour, Matthias has been part of the conventions right from the start. In the first decade of the year 2000, he was an admin for he-man.de and as such responsible for all contacts with Mattel, Polyband, KSM, MediaFactory Berlin, Panini and nixbu, which made him a behind-the-scenes-part of the entire 200X line. Accordingly, his main responsibility lies with the program and all questions regarding the content of the convention.



DSCN3966 (2)Having been an active member of the He-Man-Fandom since 2014, Carmen is a breath of fresh air and a well of new ideas for the convention. Since she also has some experience in event management and has finished her academic studies in international business administration, her focus is on logistics, organisation, finances and coordination.




Nicola has been a MotU-fan since 1984, when the cartoon aired in the UK for the first time. Her first convention was in Lübeck in 2005, and she has been a faithful companion ever since, finally joining the con-cil in 2012. Before and during the conventions, Nicola’s field of action is catering.




Nils is one of the very few members of the con-cil who have been around since the very first convention in 2001. Since then, he’s been active in almost all areas of organization. In recent years, he has been focussing on all things technical and the audiovisual documentation of the conventions. Plus, he’s responsible for our program booklet.




Marina is one of our most active and energetic members behind the scenes! Since she takes care of everything that isn’t technical (information, stock, flea market, tombola), she is somewhat of a counterpart to Nils.