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Mini-Comic Variants 3-Pack

Price: 153,00 Euro










Concept Figures 3-Pack

Price: 153,00 Euro










Assault on Castle Grayskull

Price: 35,00 EUR

The assault on Castle Grayskull begins. This is Skeletors biggest strike. A robot army invades the castle and it looks almost hopeless for the defenders of the Castle. Because Skeletor has a powerful ally – the Magus of Evil, who is said to be invincible



Masters of the Treehouse Comic

Price: 3,00 EUR

Witness how little Adam Glenn celebrates the best Christmas ever: His parents have a cute little kitten for him! Of course, Kellen Doure, whose Christmas has not been as enjoyable, immediately plans to abduct little Cringer…



Mini-Comic 2016 „The Stardust“

Price: 3,00 EUR

„Whenever a star in the universe dies, it turns into stardust, more powerful than anything else in the universe. Since the beginning of time, the cosmic enforcers have prevented the forces of evil from getting their hands on it! Soon an entire cloud of stardust will pass Eternia by, and Skeletor wants to capture it!“ warns Zodac, but is his warning in time? Skeletor has already captured the Talon Fighter to seize the power of the stardust…



Mini-Comic 2015 „Randor’s Grudge“

Price: 3,00 EUR

Danbrenus (drawings) and Ascalon (writing) tell you a brand new story, in wich He-Man’s home and family play a crucial part, and they have hidden a lot of allusions and quotes throughout the book beyond the actual story, too.


under grayskulls flag

Mini-Comic 2013 „Under Grayskull’s Flag“

Price: 3,00 EUR

Once again, Skeletor threatens Eternia: He is in search of Grayskull’s Banner. A race against time begins, for whoever controls the Banner is said to be invincible…




grüne tasche

Grayskull Convention bag green

Price: 3,00 EUR