I’ve bought a Visitor Package and am looking for a hotel. Can you help me?
Check out websites like booking.com to find a hotel room near Lennestadt.

Will there be a flea market? Do I have to register in advance if I want to sell anything?
Yes, we’ll have a flea market at the convention. If you’d like to sell something, simply bring it together with a price list, and we’ll try our best to sell your things while you enjoy the convention. You can come to collect your money and things we couldn’t sell at any time (Sunday morning at the latest); we keep 10% of the proceeds, but the rest is all yours!

Will there be another live radio play? And can I participate?
There will definitely be another live radio play. If you’d like to participate (German language required), send us an e-mail at grayskullcon@web.de.

I’m looking forward to the convention, but I don’t speak any German. Will that be a problem?
That will definitely not be a problem whatsoever. We’ll provide English translations for the entire program.

You have a question that hasn’t been answered above? Just send an e-mail to grayskullcon@web.de!