Power-Con exclusives 2018 available for 52,- Euro each!

Like last year, we once again offer the Power-Con exclusives for all European fans! We will get the figures approximately by the end of November or beginning of December and then send them on their merry way.

How to oder:
You can order from 7.4. till 13.5.2018. You can choose any figure(s) in any quantity. Each exclusive is at 52,- Euro (Spikor, Chopper, the Trollans Montork and Dre-Elle) plus shipping. Shipping within the EU is 14,- Euro for up to three exclusives and 16,- Euro for up to ten exclusives. If you’d like to order more, please contact us for a shipping quote. Of course you can also visit us in Karlsruhe, Germany, and pick up your figures in person!
You do not have to visit Grayskull Con to be able to order these figures!

You can place your order via e-mail to, starting on 7.4.2018. In your mail we need:
– name and quantity of the exclusive(s) you’d like to order
– your address for shipping

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll need to pay at least 50% of your total till 13.5.2018 (which is the deadline for all orders) and the rest till 30.6.2018 at the latest. Of course you’re very welcome to pay your total right away.
You can pay via wire transfer or PayPal using the „friends&family“ option.

Legal notice:
We’re not a shop of any kind; this is simply a combined order to save on shipping costs from the United States. The figures are not returnable.



Grayskull Con Shop and this website are completely updated!

As of right now, both our website and shop are completely up to date! Check out our guests (or, more precisely, those who have already confirmed their appearance) at this year’s con and have a look at our con exclusives. Please note: As usual, only con visitors can order in our shop. And: there are still some tickets left, so do not longer hesitate and send us your registration to!


Another guest is confirmed!

You’re looking forward to our exclusives, but now want another international guest? Well, lucky us, because we have one more in store for you! 🙂 The one-and-only Brian Dobson will be with us, so some (diabolical) laughs should be guaranteed!



Even more ads!

They’ve been around for some time, but of course we also want to show them here: con ads by Lexi! 🙂



Grayskull Con Shop back online!

As of right now, our convention shop is back online! For now, we only have a few exclusives from the last con(s), but that will change very soon! And as usual, only con visitors can order here.



The first three exclusives!

At last! The moment has arrived for us to announce the first three exclusives at this year’s convention! And boy, are they great!
We will have Red Beast Man, Camo Khan and Green Granamyr for you!
There is one problem, however: Since we could only get a very limited amount of figures from Power-Con, we can’t guarantee a figure for each visitor. That’s why we have decided to use the following system: The ones who first sent their registration and (!) payment will have the first chance to order one figure of each. We’ll write to them and give them one week to place an order, and this way work our way through the list until all figures are sold.
For those who can’t get their figure this way: We will give you one more chance at the convention, where we will auction off one of each every day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), and last but not least there’s always the tombola…
The big question is of course how much the figures will cost. Since we get the figures at full price from Power-Con and have to add shipping and customs, the price for Beast Man and Khan will be between 58 and 65 Euro each, while Granamyr will be between 122 and 132 Euro. We’re very sorry that we can’t give you the exact price yet, but we want to offer these already expensive figures at the lowest price we can afford, so we kindly ask for your understanding and patience. If you’d like to look at it positively: If you assume the highest amount and then have to pay a little less, that’s a thing to be happy about, isn’t it? 😉


The next guest is confirmed!

Simon Soltau will be joining us again! Check out the „guests“ section for details!



The Easter rabbit (not Plundor) has left an egg!

Not only is the registration form finally up, no! We are also happy to announce another guest: After Emiliano Santalucia and Capitan Memo, James Eatock has now been added to the guest list!



The first few bits of information are online!

At last some updates for you: In the „Registration“ tab you can find the prices for the different packages you can buy; the registration form will be up soon!

In the „Guests“ tab you can find our first confirmed guests for this year’s con, and in the „Program“ tab you can find the first bits and pieces of this year’s program.

And from now on, there will be regular updates, so you might want to have a look from time to time!



Here it is: the exclusive comic book “Assault on Castle Grayskull” by MAXX, the comic adaptation of the German audio play of the same name!

And this is what it’s about: The assault on Castle Grayskull begins. Skeletor closes in for the kill: An army of robots attacks the castle, and the situation seems almost hopeless for the defenders, for Skeletor has a new, powerful ally: the mage of evil, who is said to be invincible…

The comic is a trade paperback in Din A4 format and consists of 168 pages, one half in English, the other half in German (much like the European mini-comics); accordingly it features two different covers: the German one is a con-exclusive cover that will not be featured in any other version, the English one is a homage to an old Savage Sword of Conan illustration. The two versions feature slight differences in the artwork, so there’s always some new detail to discover!

You can order the comic even if you’re not a con visitor. To order, just send an e-mail with the amount of comics you wish to purchase and your shipping address to You will then receive an invoice with the account information, so that you can transfer the total amount. As soon as we’ve received payment, we’ll send the comic(s) to you. The price for one comic is 40,- Euros; there’s no extra fee if you collect the comic at the convention, 4,- Euros for shipping and handling within Germany, and 8,- Euros for international shipping. We’ll gladly combine shipping, of course; just send us an e-mail for details!